The words Inclusion Caravan are visible on the background of a yellow drawing depicting two children in front of a school.

Inclusion Caravan is a voluntary Philippine-based initiative which aims to increase the understanding and capacity of teachers on inclusive education strategies for children with disabilities.

Through workshops and mentorship sessions, the caravan intends to provide a platform or space for teachers to share and reflect on their experiences in working with children with disabilities in mainstream classrooms.

Since its conception in 2011, the Inclusion Caravan initiative has benefited around 10,000 teachers, empowering them to become advocates for the right to inclusive education of children with disabilities.

GLOBI is pleased to become an official partner of the initiative. Through information sharing of the successes and challenges of the caravan, GLOBI aims to further contribute in the promotion of inclusion of vulnerable populations in the society.

For this year, the Inclusion Caravan will hold its workshops and mentoring sessions in the Philippines starting August 2018. Interested individuals and institutions can register through the online application form.

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